Creative Non-Fiction:

  Philosophy. Anthropology.

  Memoir. Fragmented Narrative. 

  Poetry.  Archetypal Analysis.

Handbook Summary: If a madman

  tried to teach you to paint, 

  but with ideas instead of

  paint, this would be it.


We live on a rolling sphere of vanity but know there must be purpose for our lives. Meaning is found not primarily in the interpretation of this contradiction, but in the honorable and authentic display of ourselves.

Wisdom and work define an individual's personal philosophy. It is not knowing the way, but finding it and following it.


Darrell George Flyer-PNG.png

There are many ways to experience a person, my portraits are one.

I am the limits of my own perspective, but like Van Gogh paints a tree in springtime, and it moves us, I believe shared experiences change us. When we share the experience of another human, compassion, admiration, and love is born.


Existence is experienced from the ground up--all that is visible, material, and time bound. But, existence is defined by the invisible, immaterial, and eternal.  This duality is what makes us human.