• Lane Welkin

About the Work of Darrell George

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Stop and hear this fierce admission of love.

See it and be caught in the dread of a ground that buries, a sky that subsumes, and a sun that burns.

Expect doom to fall upon the form within the frame. Listen for a "woe" from outside the canvas.

Yet, while nature churns, children play by the beach. Nature churns and the prized creatures stay safe. Nature churns and man is wrapped in nature's scheme for glory.

The shifting posture of the human form is paused for those bound by the push of time and those fooled by frame that follows frame in the moments of the mind.

Breath is given though death is certain. The things that fade are set for glory and vapors turn to crystal. The minutes of men are immortalized and the female soul suspended.

You are safe when grit and gears churn and people play in the clay of their form.

Stop and feel the sun that warms your skin. Hear the sea that calls you, “Love.”