• Lane Welkin

About the Work of Douglas Ihlenfeld

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Buttons, wheels, and towers touch. Sculpture and fossilized toy preserved to play by Pompeian ash. Whimsy and playfulness age. Buttons, curves and open flowers turn play to intrigue and secret places.

The lust to touch grows strong and imagination becomes master of blocks and buttons commander of plastic armies a god of tsunamis and seraph of seas.

But, play too long and you fear someone might play you. Mushroom clouds, nails wrapped in paper splintered barracks, and towers that fall Metal toys grow and plastic army men freeze.

Toss your head and look again. He says more. Children, lovers, plants, and industry fill this place. Build strong towers.  Play in lush blue-ish greens. Keep it safe; keep it clean. Touch the perspective of the tsunami.